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Some Kind Of Update......

Okay so it's been a bad couple of weeks around here. I have fought more then enough with J to last me alife time of fights! Men seem to handle things that way at stressful times i think. It's not like we sit and wait to fight with them everyday just so that we can say that we did.......GRRRRRR!
Any how on a much better note,  i'm going to head up north to watch one of my closest friends in life be married tomorrow. She has had a real hard past couple of years and really found a great guy to spend the rest of her life with....just hope that the snow that they are getting stops and leaves because it's an outdoor wedding! She is so happy and it's great to see he smile like she used to back in the day. So i so can't wait to see her it's been awhile and i miss her more then i let it be known. She is the first chick i never worried about her stealing my boyfriend from me cuz our taste was so not the same....LOL!
J may make it in for the weekend and i may have to cut my time after the wedding short but it's all good i get to go and that is all that matters. Then my parents from up north and my baby sister are coming down for a visit this coming weekend so that will be cool too.....can't wait to see them....it's been a real long time!!! We are doing our VERY LATE Christmas while they are here. The kids can't wait for that part of it....LOL!
Any how that is life here at this time. I hope that all is going well for everyone out there in lj world!


Apr. 19th, 2007 04:01 pm (UTC)
This makes me feel some what better.....although hate the thought of anyone of the farts having to deal with grouchy men!
Christmas presents= FUN!! (can't wait)
Wedding = good reason to cry!



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