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Update Time........

Well i know that i haven't done a whole lot of updating from the time that i let it be known that J was going to the big sandbox. Just haven't wanted to do anything at all but a little bit of house work... He should find out when he leaves this weekend some time, then we will be able to plan some kind of family vaction We would LOVE to have the money to take the kids on a Disney Cruise.....but hate to say that i don't see that happening! But i can dream can't i then i would be able to also have our vows renewed too....because that is something that we planned to do this year anyway.....so we may just do the Vegas thing that we had planned with the kids. I just need and want to have a family time before he leaves.....you never know what could happen when he leaves. That is just not something that i need to think about that is for sure! 
We had a really nice time this past weekend J was home for Friday and Saturday night so we just watched movies and cuddled hanging out with the kids.....it was fun! There wasn't any fighting by the kids and that made it even nicer in the long run for me.....LOL!
Any how that is how i have been doing with the bull shit that life has thrown my way that i just don't even want to deal with! Hope that you all are having a happy your way.....

Well Guess It's Out.......

Well the cat is out of the bag so to say now. This was in our paper today so i just thought that i would share with you all.

145th Field Artillery
Guard unit may face first combat
Iraq or Afghanistan deployment is expected
By Matthew D. LaPlante
The Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated:03/22/2007 01:08:26 AM MDT
Members of the 145th Field Artillery Battalion, one of the largest units in the Utah National Guard yet to see action in Iraq or Afghanistan, have been alerted to a possible deployment in July.
    Members received letters this week advising of the mobilization, details of which the Guard will not publicly confirm.
    The battalion was one of the first large Utah Guard units to be mobilized after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, spending a year guarding military facilities in Tooele County. Many of the unit's members also have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan as volunteers and conscripts with other Army units.
    For instance, at least 40 of about 450 soldiers in the battalion deployed with the 222nd Field Artillery to Ramadi, Iraq, in 2005.
    Utah Guard officials declined to say whether 145th members who have already participated in combat deployments would be called up as part of this mobilization. "In the event that any of these soldiers do deploy, it's way too soon to say who will deploy," Guard spokesman Hank McIntire said.
    However, the Utah guard's top soldier, Adjutant Gen. Brian Tarbet, said in January that all of his soldiers, including those recently returned from overseas, would be considered eligible for immediate additional deployments under new rules aimed at ensuring the military has enough troops to meet its obligations.
    At that time, Tarbet said he hoped to keep soldiers who recently returned from combat from having to go back, but made no promises.
    The unit's soldiers can expect a period away from home of no more than one year. The Army committed in January to ending the 18-month cycles for its reservists, bringing pre-deployment training down to three months and "boots on the ground" time to nine months.
    In the summer of 2005, the 145th retired its Howitzer-style artillery pieces to take charge of new Paladin weapons systems. At the time, then-battallion commander Dallen Atack said the change would make his unit "more relevant to the future missions of the Army."
Deployment terms
* The 145th Field Artillery soldiers can expect to be away for a year or less.
    * The Army committed in January to ending the 18-month cycles for reservists, bringing pre-deployment training down to three months and "boots on the ground" time to nine months.

FUNNY HAHA.........


Cowboy Boots

An elderly couple, Ray and Bessie, are "Seniors" in Texas. Ray always wanted

a pair of authentic cowboy boots. Seeing some on sale one day, he buys them,

wears them home, walking proudly. He walks into the house and says to his

wife "notice anything different about me?"

Bessie looks him over, "Nope."

Frustrated Ray storms off into the bathroom, undresses, and walks back into

the room completely naked except for the boots. Again, he asks, a little

louder this time, "Notice anything DIFFERENT NOW?"

Bessie looks up and says, "Ray, what's different? It's hanging down today,

it was hanging down yesterday, it'll be hanging down again tomorrow".



To which Bessie replies, "Shoulda bought a hat, Ray. Shoulda bought a hat. "


I'm happy to say that i will be going up to Salt Lake today to pick up my parents! They have almost made it to Utah and this is a good thing!  I also will be getting to drive my dad's new truck that he WILL NOT let any one drive....this makes me feel so speical yet it's also scary too...LOL!  So now i'm just waiting to pick up the oldest from his buddies house that he stayed with after the game last night....my kids didn't have school today. He has turned his phone off and i may just end up leaving him home if i don't get ahold of him soon.....that will teach him....HEHEHE! That would so teach him i tell you what!  Any how i guess that i had better get moving so that i can get out of here when my sister get back to pik up her kids....she'd better be home by one like she said she would be......GRRRRRR! 
Well that is what has been going on in my world.....hope that you all have a GREAT weekend!!!

I'm So Bad.........

Well let's see here last Friday the doctors let my dad out of the hospital, although he hasn't been feeling up to the travel home so they have been staying in a motel. But this is kinda a good thing because they are un able to find a car rental place to let them take it to Salt Lake to get home. So my dad's boss is going to let them drive a car home from the auction on Wens or Thrus this week. This will save them some money and help them get home at the same time. He will have to check in with our doctor here at home so that he can see how he is doin' when he get's here.  That is how things are going with that, as for life nothing has really went on new here. I've been hangin around trying to deal with the same shit of catching up bills. So it's just not worth talking about right now that is for sure.....just bums me out and that isn't a place i want to go to again!

Fast Update........

Okay as of right now the doctors have taken the tube out of my dad's lung and he is talking alittle better.  He was moved into a private room out of Sugical ICU yesterday. He seems to be doing well. Although he is not totally out of the woods yet.....this man is to much of a ass to die!!! As my real life friends on here already know. He hasn't been able to smoke and that alone i really feel sorry for my mom about....because he's a pack a day smoker! 
Any how all that is what is goin on at this time and date.....i haven't been able to stop a whole lot  lately hope that all is going well! Have a Happy!!:):)

Is It Bed Time Yet..........

I so want to go to bed.....so what if i just got up from a two hour nap.....it wasn't long enough!!! Just before i went to sleep my Mom called me to give me an up date, it's better then i thought...THANK GOD! They weren't give her information because there wasn't any to give. When she got there Dad was sitting up in a chair drugged up yes with the tub still in his lung. He is talking very little so when the boys got home from school i called there so that they could each talk to him and tell him that they loved him. That made them all feel better i just wanted to cry when he answered the phone he sounded so weak! But it also made me feel better knowing that he was okay for the most part. his breast bone is broke along with all his ribs including the throric ribs, it was the right lung that was pireced. They also found that this isn't the first time that the breast bone has been broke. That means that it was broke back when he rolled his four wheeler.  How the doctors missed that back then we'll never know.
So that is what is going on at this time if there is any more info i will be sure and let you all know.

BAD NEWS......

To those of you that know my parents my dad was in an accident yesterday in Milwaukee MI while loading cars onto his car hauler. He fell off the side of the hauler approx seven feet down onto the black top that was covered with ice. He is in the hospital with a peirced lung  from one of  his ribs that broke ( everyone of them are broke). They have a tub in his chest and they have been putting air into it to get the blood out of his lung. They are waiting on the MRI to see if he broke his back they think that is somehthing that also happend in the fall.  His sugar keeps dropping and going up really high  they haven't been able to stablize it at this time so that is a really bad thing.  My mother talked to him for a short time and he is highly medicated so he was telling her to drive to him and pick him up in the morning. This is the highlight of everything.....him being worried about how the two of them will be getting back home.
I will be heading to Salt Lake in the early morning to put her on a plane to get to him. I would like to ask each of you to keep him and my family in your thoughts and prayers! i will try to keep you all up to date when i find out more.

EDIT: Being up from 2:30 this morning and really wanting to go to sleep. I have only been home for about an hour. It has been a very long and hard day that started after only two hours of sleep.
 I have found out that dad's back isn't broke but the bone in his chest is ether cracked or there is air under it. There may have to be a surgery on his chest for this problem. That was the last that we had been told by phone. While my mom was laid over in Denver and called to find out how things where they told her they wouldn't tell her any more until she was there in person......this does not sound like a good thing to me. I'm thinking that he had to have the surgery......that is all i know at this time.


okay so my life as i know it really hasn't changed all that much. I have sat on my big butt most of today and really don't even care about it! But it's all good cuz life isn't fair....enough said. J was laid over in OR. so he is with his grandparents and they went and took him to the coast today along with a nice trip for ice cream and clam chowder......GRRRRR! Yeah here we sit in the snow with nothing fun going on..and he is playing making money  for being laid over doing it....MEN!  If i would have been on the truck with him it wouldn't have been that way we would have been in the middle of BFE with knowing no one! 
Any how just needed to get that little mini rant off my chest now i'm off to watch  movies with my Moni who came down to spend the weekend with me....:)


Okay who is the wise ass that thinks that we need to be hit so damned hard with this snow???? I'm not wanting to leave this house at all....if i had it my way i would lock all the doors and never ever go out again! But it wont be that lucky for me.....because i will have to with being a mom.....need to take care of the rug rats. It's all good because if i didn't have them i wouldn't be here i wouldn't have been strong enough to pull through.  HATE depression it is the worst thing to have to deal with....this shitty weather has kicked mine up some, along with the bills that i have to find a way to pay.
 I need to have some alone time some how some way.....because it would be some help with being a full time mom married but some what single with J being long haul again. That has been hard to get back into the swing of things. It's hard when you have had help and then it's gone totally and you are at it with little to  no sleep most days.  My headaches are back in full swing and i have been fighting them from taking me totally down today. So that is what is going on this way at this time in life.....alot of nothing! I think that i am going to go and take something for my head and get Miss Mouse her lunch. Hope that all is well for you all in lj world!